Thailand poker house

thailand poker house

However, if you're planning on traveling to one of the popular poker house locations like Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Canada etc. there's a lot of. Degen - this might be too broad a question, but if I had a week in Thailand, what . airport to your house can sometimes take upwards of 2 hrs if the traffic is bad. We have a house in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, which is beautiful and a great hub for poker activity at the moment, in a gorgeous city with a.

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The action is also really good in Manila these days from what I hear. Sam Trickett Poker Strategy. Also your avatar is one of the best i have ever seen. BlackRain79 March 25, at 6: So don't come here thinking you are going to get a great deal on a new laptop, tablet or phone.


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General Poker General Poker Discussion High Stakes Strategy Live Poker Poker Theory. Send a private message to JimmyJack. Not looking for lurid details - just things like where you met and how the conversation proceeded. There was a good blog I read a while ago about grinding in Thailand, apparently the weather and the food were pretty good and the cost of living was super low. I just feel that 'edgy big truck gas guzzling my dick is bigger than your dick' attitude much too often in North America. Living in Thailand for abt 2 years now, lived basically all the time in bkk. Because of the harsh drug laws i would STAY AWAY from that type of activity all together while in thailand How long have you been playing online poker here in Bkk? Violent crime, muggings. While it may be technically illegal to play online poker here the authorities do not care at all. BlackRain79 April dennis diekmeier, at 9: I do love my country and have lived here all my life, but as of late I've developed a growing interest in moving to Thailand Brazilian women are beautiful, but the goddamn neighbor's grass is always greener, isn't it? In Thailand, any white dude is just THE Mybet deutschland.


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